Canadian classrooms ‘nearly have 1,000 cases of enterovirus’

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Ontario’s public health chief said more research was needed to determine what cause(s) the illness

Canada’s Public Health Agency reported 600 Ontario schools with confirmed cases of a respiratory illness contracted from hand sanitiser.

The survey covered 33 local health agencies, covering 74% of Ontario.

Last week, Canada’s largest local health authority announced it was investigating suspected cases of the bacterial illness enterovirus D68 in 472 schools across the country.

The Canadian Press had earlier reported that Ontario’s public health chief said further investigation was needed to determine what cause(s) the illness.

“Our opinion is that it has environmental origins but we need to develop some tests that can shed more light on what type of pollution that is coming in, and I don’t see that happening for the next few weeks to months,” he told CBC.

The latest Canadian Press report on Tuesday night, said that Public Health Agency officials were asking schools affected by the outbreak to run infold tests to help investigate its cause.

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