Coffee drinkers from around the world, put down your scoops and raise your sips

Sunday’s threat from Hurricane Harvey wasn’t the first big climate disruption to hit the U.S. This week, historic wildfires swept across California. In New York, a superstorm made landfall. And the planet was just hit by a solar storm not even its scientists have anticipated. As the crisis of climate change from the climate crisis unfolds, and as public enthusiasm for responsible actions grows, businesses are looking to philanthropy to solve the climate crisis, reports Eric Deggans at the Tampa Bay Times. Already, Starbucks, Nike, and Coca-Cola have offered to invest in various clean-energy projects and help reduce their carbon footprints.

“There is plenty of money out there” to buy clean energy, says Mallory Jellison, CEO of Solar Decathlon, a competition that invited universities to design solar-powered, sustainable campuses, “and it’s not energy to run a car, it’s energy to do everything else on the planet. It’s time to wean our utility providers off fossil fuels.”

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