Disgruntled TSA agent accidentally shoots himself at Atlanta airport

An accidental discharge occurred on Sunday at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport when a Transportation Security Administration agent began shooting multiple rounds with a weapon in his waistband, officials said. No one was hurt.

The official was a male member of the TSA but the agency has not released his name, nor has the airport in Atlanta.

Video from the airport recorded from across the street showed the security agent talking to an officer, while a second screen showed the scene near the open check-in area. The video continued to show a shot being fired and then blank air coming from an area.

According to NBC News, more than a dozen people were checked for gunshot wounds, but those were not serious.

The incident began when the male employee tried to take his gun out of a bag before going to work. He accidentally fired one shot that went into the passenger area of the airport, causing panic.

An FBI spokesman told CNN that the employee had been firing training rounds to train himself in how to use the weapon.

Employees are allowed to bring unloaded firearms on board planes, provided they are locked in a case or in a locked trunk.

Though Transportation Security Administration employees have been on strike all week, the agency is still going on its normal schedule.

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