Europe faces healthcare crisis, survey finds

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

There is a mass exodus of European doctors and nurses, caused by major budget cuts, mounting workloads and lack of satisfaction, according to a survey published Monday.

About 14,000 healthcare workers, representing about 15% of EU-based specialists, responded to the survey from the European Parliament, European Association of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (Eoanam) and the European Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ESOEM).

The survey involved a random selection of EU-based occupational and environmental medicine specialists in 33 European countries, including Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Britain and the Netherlands.

The survey found that while the overall percentage of healthcare workers that are leaving the EU was about the same as in previous years, those who were leaving were fewer in number and younger on average.

Consistent with a report from the European Parliament, 8.4% of European healthcare specialists were leaving the EU, up from 5.5% in 2012.

To celebrate staff appreciation day on Thursday, CNN science editor Kate Leary invited some European healthcare experts to explain why European health care is in crisis and how to resolve it.

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