FDA forces drug maker to revisit plan to expand use of chest X-ray therapy

On Thursday, Reuters first reported on the plan to give Pfizer boosters — an FDA-approved therapy that boosts the immune system — to all adults. But the same news service reported late Friday that Pfizer backed off the plan. Though a spokeswoman for the company told Reuters that the plans to give an emergency vial of the drug to the entire U.S. population had been “upheld,” on Friday the FDA told Reuters, in response to a public records request, that it had approved a statement that “the agency’s review remains ongoing, and those plans are being reconsidered.”

As LifeScience reports, the request “has drawn some scrutiny since the Republican proposal to revamp the U.S. healthcare system was revealed earlier this month. That move would have eliminated the current FDA program allowing certain high-risk adults such as pregnant women and certain cancer patients access to similar drugs.”

Read the full story on the Journal of the American Medical Association.


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