Gail’s and Kevin’s Kitchen Tips #551 – Dinner & A Movie

Keep the love alive…in all things vegan. Canadian cuisine? It’s already on a serious kick.

Put a slice of sugar on that hors d’oeuvre and a sweet piece of quiche in the oven for a hearty and satisfying meal.

Top five Vegan Chef Lists … Is GTA Vegan Hot?

For those who don’t want to cook, or for the carnivorous who find vegan preparations difficult, there are others who are turning vegan for reasons other than the diet. They just want to enjoy a fun and luxurious experience that they wish they had before.

Am I a Vegan Chef? No I’m not a vegan chef!

Some of the best vegan dishes in the GTA include:

Jager and Jumbo Cheddar samplers | Lindau, Delaware

Autolyzed Kratom

Shaw’s Shrimp | Don Fisher’s Deli, in Georgetown

Spam Confit | Chatham Market, Hamilton

Norman Greenstein Club Burger

Einstein Bros. Steakhouse, Toronto

Mango Caramelized Seedboba Ice Cream | Yogurtland Toronto

Lobo Cuba Sandwich | Hot Docs Cafe, in Yonge-Dundas Square


The Southwest Honeydew + Strawberry Strawberry Gummy

Kitchen Table Bakery Gooey Creamy Coconut Cake

Crimson Ale Garden’s Chocolate Marshmallow

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