Game of Thrones recap: The Dragon and the Wolf

Caitlin Watson, 50, television editor

Caitlin Watson

Theirs is a story to be told, little by little: Two lonely blokes contemplating being broods, two girls looking for Mr Right, a lot of booze, some television and, best of all, each other. The words are misleading: Caroline provides no answers, and in the most positive way, of course. Love is elusive, easier said than done. “[Love] is a state of optimism.” However, Caroline, a psychotherapist, delivers us right into a humdrum embrace, as if it were necessary.

The drama is so well-directed by Stephen Pohankin that his sheer control of the shot keeps us sitting there lost in his thrift. As Caroline’s efforts to overcome her rather obvious marriage of convenience become desperate, the presence of Billie and Marcus adds cheerier moments to proceedings. Their pretend relationship – she introduces him to her friends, he to hers – brings about an interesting juxtaposition. Marcus seems a bit of a twat, but Caroline clearly likes him, and the boys make each other a little happier and with a few glasses of wine, that is the least of it.

In the final act, Billie finishes her old school graduation and Marcus promises to do likewise. “Can we go back to Florida and go camping?” Caroline says. “I can do that,” Marcus says. “I can… um…” He realises what he has signed up for, and the agonising comes to an end.

We’ve missed our homework. Can’t we just go back to Florida and go camping now? … Caroline and Marcus

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