Heather Mallick Discusses Her Dangerous New Action-Thriller, “Mr. Billed”

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Heather Mallick’s new thriller “Mr. Billed” hits stores on November 6th, and in her debut on Fox Nation, Heather Mallick joins Guy Benson to discuss her dangerous new action-thriller.

Here’s what Heather has to say:

I’m so thrilled to be doing this show. Guy, it’s actually exciting for me, since I have spent the last ten years writing in a lot of different genres. You know when you spend a lot of time in your life learning what you like and don’t like, you kind of know what your strengths are. My strengths right now are writing adventure and suspense novels. I like doing both of those. Guy who’s a huge adventure geek already watches all of these shows on National Geographic. I, of course, I see people come and go, but it will be fun to meet all of those people and I’ve seen them when I was with Guy before. It’s going to be weird to hear the National Geographic audience, or the Oprah’s audience again.

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