Joe Biden uses Chuck Schumer’s radio show to talk to Hillary Clinton and other 2016 contenders

It seems that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer doesn’t mind being considered a father figure to possible presidential contender Joe Biden. According to Josh Voorhees at The Daily Caller, the senator broke Senate tradition and acted as Biden’s surrogate when Biden joined him on his radio show Wednesday. Noting that he’s “someone who understands Joe Biden’s tendency to run to Chuck Schumer for help,” Voorhees writes that the New York Democrat’s longtime friendship with the former Delaware senator could be a factor in the former vice president’s low poll numbers.

Voorhees is not the only observer to opine on this possibility. In a column penned for the Daily Caller, Kathleen Parker notes that Biden is fighting perceptions that he’s “out of touch.” In her view, however, many of Biden’s most ardent supporters are more likely to direct their frustrations at President Trump rather than at their friend. “Trumpisms equal Bidenisms,” Parker writes. “[But] Joe Biden voters are more likely to pin their cause on abortion, guns, and the country’s judiciary than Trump voters will cite himself as a symbol of evil.”

Biden wasn’t the only current and former politician with whom Schumer spoke on his radio show. He also spoke with at least two of President Donald Trump’s possible successors in the White House. According to Voorhees, he echoed many of Trump’s attacks on the judiciary, echoing complaints that were included in testimony that Biden gave before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2015. That, in turn, may have weakened his chances of attracting independent voters, who tend to be more conservative than registered Republicans.

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