John Lewis’ Black Friday sale 2017 opens now

Written by Olivia Cruickshank, CNN

The November/December sales season is upon us and so, too, is Black Friday. The year 2020, to be exact, is the year John Lewis will open a new store in London’s upmarket Hyde Park, delivering a “field guide to the world’s top stores,” according to the retailer’s website . And here we are, just in time for the last few dates for which sales are open to the public.

While you might still be waiting for discounts across much of the high street, John Lewis — the department store known for its unique Christmas marketing — has already announced its seasonal sale, which is on its website right now. While its website is blocked off from public access for the time being, you can access the official sale page via a password that will post to Twitter on the day it officially goes live.

But don’t just click on the link and hope for an up-to-the-minute sale. In an email to customers on Monday, the online store warned that as with its classic one-day department store sale, any given items could be “the best ever offer.” You might, for example, be lucky enough to find a stand for $2 a kilo right now, but if they update the Facebook feed later today it could be slightly different.

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When is it open?

There are some restrictions to the sale, and in order to take advantage you’ll have to arrive early:

Black Friday sale is open from 7:30 p.m. ET, on December 23.

Every product available to buy or buy in person must be displayed and visible to customers.

All returns and exchanges must be completed by the close of business on December 24.

It might be closed to the public in store, but you can still buy all of these products online. The sale is live on John Lewis’ site here.

What will be available?

Every John Lewis site will be open, with additional departments or stores added as the sale progresses.

There’s lots of interesting stuff, including the following:

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