Learn how to meditate like a Buddhist monk in Bangkok

Here is what to expect from this hands-on training, hosted by meditators David Attenborough and Kate Whitworth

Learn how to meditate like a Buddhist monk in Bangkok

We aim to leave you refreshed and inspired, highly energised, more aware and better equipped to be present with your present moment, rather than checking your email or worrying about the next six months.


David Attenborough is an expert in the art of the Buddhist meditation skill of Theravada meditation

Kate Whitworth is a Tibetan Buddhist teacher and Ambassador of The Tibetan Buddhist Center, co-founder of Heartspace Nepal and founder of Tibetan Madhabs

Course content

How to meditate – the basics

The emotion state that meditating requires

How meditation integrates the breath

The mind’s suspension between past and future

What it feels like to meditate

Day 1

Day 1 will teach you about inner calm, releasing intense focus on just a few things and how to practice meditation with just this moment

Day 2

Day 2 will focus on two basic techniques that can help you to concentrate better and better control your thoughts

Day 3

Day 3 will focus on the process of replaying the past in anticipation of the future, noticing the struggle and shame you feel

Day 4

Day 4 will teach you how to increase your attention to your breath and the feel and taste of food

Day 5

Day 5 will teach you how to relax before the next course

Day 6

Day 6 will teach you how to identify the patterns you are repeating and the rest you can do later

Day 7

Day 7 will move to interpreting your mind’s state, building the skill you have learned

Day 8

Day 8 will incorporate techniques for integrating mindfulness into your daily life, rest and relaxing

Day 9

Day 9 will include a day of dinner and recitation before resuming work

Day 10

Day 10 will end on a personal level, and you can choose whether you want to do this every day or do a shorter training session each day

Course duration

Duration of the course is one to three days, each day lasting two to four hours (plus optional dinner/drink and group chanting).


Please do not take this course if you have anxiety, OCD, depression, major anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, phobias, OCD, suicidal thoughts or similar. You will also be taught the safest way to meditate (for example, what to do on fears of or panic attacks). Please take full responsibility for your own personal wellbeing and safety.

Optional extras

Perform some meditation skills and texts:

If you enjoy this course, you may wish to search for more courses.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on

The Tibetan Buddhist Center

Melissa Davey, Education Programme Manager, TBC

Tel: +61 (0)11 732 6547

Direct URL: http://www.tibetictancenter.org/events/training-you/

Place of event: Shanmukham Temple Bangkok, Chaowarat Promenade

Shanmukham Temple Bangkok, Sai Siam Mall Centara Laem Chabang 5 E/B (entrance is in Airport Champs-Elysees)

Tel: +662 (0) 679 90060

Direct URL: http://www.facebook.com/TibetictanCenter

About David Attenborough

Born in 1925, David Attenborough was a presenter of Planet Earth, a planet-visiting TV wildlife documentary series, that was viewed by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. He has also presented Blue Planet II (2000), series one and two of Life on Earth (2001), Life in Cold Blood (2000), series four of Lost Worlds (2002), The Big Blue (2001), series two of Life on Earth (2004), Frozen Planet (2008), Life Story (2008), and New Evidence (2011).

In 1997, Attenborough produced, starred in and narrated the award-winning Numb3rs, a forensic television drama series about rare memory investigators. He also co-wrote with his son, Peter, The Only Way is Essex, a prime-time entertainment series about young people in the UK.

With his wife, Jane, and daughter, Jane Cartwright, he directed the film Evolution of Animals (1975) and some of his books include The Birds of Britain (1958) and How to Train Your Dragon (1992). He narrates his own BBC nature programme series, Omnibus.

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