Meet Ollie the raccoon wearing a bear suit and ‘running for his life’

Ollie Toderovitz loves animals. So much so that the 3-year-old loves them so much that he runs around his Connecticut neighborhood in his fur, dressed in all animal costumes.

Ollie loves raccoons so much that he is constantly chasing the animals, which sometimes ends up hurting the cats that live nearby.

When he was 5 months old, the Associated Press reported, Ollie heard on the news that raccoons with rabies, which can be a concern in Connecticut, were spotted in Danbury.

Danbury has a special request for the photographer who shot this raccoon story. #EduardoEstabaMurillo — Robert Sciarrino NBC4 (@robert_sciarrino) December 5, 2018

“I think they were scared because they’re raccoons and I think they’re like big and mean and I got a really good look at them,” Ollie told the Associated Press in October. “So I was in the backyard, and I went in the shrubbery, and I started walking up the shrubbery.”

Ollie loves raccoons so much that he didn’t let the threat of rabies slow him down. He still takes risks that require the protection of a parent in his case — whether it’s running after raccoons or falling down at a friend’s house.

Ollie Toderovitz might be running around in a raccoon costume, but he knows his safety can’t be guaranteed. — Robert Sciarrino NBC4 (@robert_sciarrino) October 17, 2018

Ollie loves raccoons so much that he can’t help but annoy others when they try to interact with them.

For example, the Associated Press said, Ollie likes to get in the purses of strangers who’ve gotten too close to the furry animals — which, no matter how he dresses it up, is just some raccoon lovers making Ollie an archnemesis.

He might love them so much that he’s ignoring the advice of a best friend: Ollie’s mom, Azita Skardina, 37, who lives in Danbury with her husband and three children, has already given up on trying to get Ollie to control his wild behavior around animals.

“At this point, I’m only trying to keep him away from adults, because to him, an adult is no more scary than a raccoon,” Skardina told the Associated Press.

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