Soccer star Romelu Lukaku says players need to address racism more forcefully

Soccer star Romelu Lukaku has called for the social media chiefs and the sport’s top players to come together and discuss the growing issue of racism, particularly in the game’s home country, Belgium.

Lukaku — who has been the subject of racist abuse by some fans in Belgium and England — was speaking after a charity football match for German-speaking refugees who have fled to Belgium. Lukaku, who is black, was guest of honor at the game in Berlin, and was part of a club lineup made up of top Bundesliga players.

“It’s time for all sportsmen to come together,” Lukaku said. “All of the social media CEOs, all of the footballers, and we talk together because social media is the new platform for racism.

“The most famous people with the biggest platforms with the biggest followers, we’re supposed to lead the message, and the most powerful people to talk about racism.”

Playing alongside Lukaku on the German side was Manchester United teammate Marcus Rashford.

Rashford said, “I think it’s the duty of people on social media and people from football to promote the message. I think everybody has a responsibility and has to be part of the solution.”

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