Spotted! Deadly scorpions hit storm-battered Egypt

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

One of the deadliest creatures in the world has hit hard in a region of Egypt already hit by powerful storms: scorpions.

A series of violent storms brought swarms of scorpions — one with venom up to 30 times more lethal than cobra venom — into homes in Hurghada, a resort city on the Red Sea, and resulted in deaths of three people and injuries to dozens more.

Hurghada was hit by violent storms on Sunday, May 13, 2018. Credit:WWE/WWE via Getty Images

Egyptian authorities said 28 scorpions were found in homes affected by the storm and in another set of homes that sustained minimal damage, but that at least eight more caught in the storm had to be destroyed and disposed of. A similar number were found in cars that were struck by lightning.

Storms struck Hurghada on Sunday evening and flooded the streets leading to Hurghada Bay. Credit: WWA/WWA via Getty Images

The scorpions themselves were thought to have emerged from marshlands or surrounding beaches, where they remained during the storm, officials said.

Scorpions are extremely popular for dinner in many parts of the Middle East. A school in Egypt recently banned students from eating them because of their ‘inhuman’ and ‘dangerous’ properties.

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