The New York Times releases a statement that reads: “We believe the Gotham Comedy Awards is a joke—in terms of seriousness and quality. Although, we don’t really consider the Tonys the funniest night in town—at least not in terms of the quality of acting, directing, writing, or cinematography.

The allegations of workplace sexual harassment that Sam Rubin of KTLA 5 there’s no public notice that he’s under investigation, nor is he on indefinite suspension. The #metoo movement is well underway, and reported behavior (and the alleged inability to keep his “boy’s club” prop eroding team-building!) by those tied to any of these groups simply doesn’t fit the model in which the public has been led to believe we live. We’re heartened by the fact that there’s an ongoing cultural shift that’s finally getting these organizations on the fast track towards greater accountability and transparency. We only wish the Entertainment Industry could move at the same speed. The dysfunctional waters of the past are being vastly simplified and re-named for better understanding today.”

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