Want to take your kids to the Mediterranean? A 4-night, 4-star resort stay in the Mediterranean will work just fine.

By Katia Hetter, My Fox DC

Enjoy the sunset, watch the boats glide through the green mist above the ocean. Share a cold cocktail in the harbor, which is lined with sand and bars on one side. Strum those strings and relax with friends as the sun sets on the Italian holiday islands of Capri and Sardinia. With the perfect little resort nearby, Adjacent Villas, my favorite is free.

Aerial view of Adjacent villas’ view of Capri and Elba. (Katia Hetter)

With a fabulous day spa, there are a few things to visit for more than a few days. Ask for a room with a balcony. Then you can relax with sunbathing, swimming, windsurfing and biking — an urban paradise. Biking is $14 per adult, $8 for children ages 7 to 12 and free for those 6 and under. Bikes can be rented by the hour, day or week.

Here’s a trip idea for two: Spend the day with your fam on Capri and explore the island of Elba on bike. Or visit Elba in a mini-vacation with your spouse and kids to indulge in special family meals. The little resort you visit with parents will also be less packed. Allow time to do beach activities in Elba, such as zip-lining. And while you’re there, spend time shopping or at seaside parks.

Capri you can rent a one- or two-bedroom apartment. If you stay for a week, you could find a studio available for a fraction of the cost of a hotel. With a few trips you could cover some of your lodging, family activities and dinner costs.

The best part of a trip with a family is getting along with the children and bonding at the theme parks. Aim for an in-park birthday party with the kids; times are open now through August. Park admission is extra, but birthday parties cost about $20 and can last for five hours or longer.

Or take a cruise. There are plenty of boat excursions. A cruise on the Garibaldi river cruise starts at $179 per person, includes entertainment and activities and can be booked online.

If the prospect of staying in a resort sounds appealing, check out the Avici Resort in a little village that has a harbor, bars, restaurants and a bevy of attractions, from snorkeling to walking.

You’ll find plenty of ocean views and cabanas, so it’s not difficult to relax. Stay in one of their pool villas, from $265 per night. Bedrooms are spacious, with king-size beds, large bathrooms and robes.

Check out the resort’s beautiful Riviera restaurant, which you can even order by phone. You’ll find gourmet Italian cuisine all under one roof.

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