Where’s the best place for a dog to run around in the US?

Written by by Linda Thompson, CNN Stu Bennet, CNN

“A dog should always have a place to run and play” (from Sailing New Zealand)

A little more than a year ago, owners of Brooklyn, New York, went running into some problems with their beloved pets. They were calling the local police station, trying to explain that their dog had escaped from their crate and then was chasing birds in the park. They weren’t in their dog’s crate, but had thought that that was what they were doing — sitting in their parked car at a whim. Police charged them with unlicensed transportation of pets in the city.

But what would you do if a totally-fit-for-the-job German shepherd wanted to gallop around your local park? Well, according to Barkman, there’s no need to keep a leash on your beloved four-legged friend. In fact, there’s more than one city-owned park that might work out well for your pup and you — this official park guide includes a list of 24 parks in New York, London, Paris, Copenhagen, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Diego, L.A., Dallas, Miami, Seattle, Dallas, San Francisco, Tampa and Washington D.C.

Chilly chill of Europe for dog owners

Frozen: Could your dog head up north for some winter sun? Credit: Ole Floman

Could the zero-sum world of canine happiness make its way to other parts of the world? In the book “Barkman: Barking Up the Wrong Tree” by five-time World Champion Dog Trainer Bernie Lind, the author came up with a list of potential summer destinations for your furry friends and even predicts that Greenland may see more dogs than people in the near future. But only if they can figure out a way to navigate the ice in the best way possible: by walking. (You have been warned.)

With all the cool places the list highlights, it can be hard to imagine a canine-only land just around the corner — and that’s why we needed help with this bit of hypotheticals.

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