WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels on refusing to fire people who created a crowd buzz

Interesting article about a man who tried to get revenge on the people who told him he had to leave a GSWW World Championship Wrestling match. He began his personal revenge of sorts against the WWE officials, becoming infamous for his fixation on Paige, a woman he was using as bait in his attempt to intimidate officials into making WWE un-publish a video where Paige and the people who claim to be her friends found him with a syringe in his mouth.

WWE management said that’s not the normal interaction between wrestlers and officials, but they would do the same thing with him regardless because he’s in the ring. WWE did a news release about the incident which credited wrestling fans to finding him with the syringe.

Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens make up The Shield, which was WWE’s lineup of main event wrestlers during the first half of the decade. Even as the company was riding high on its first decade, it was pretty quiet on the guys who used to be its big pay per view draws, largely because they have a bunch of brothers.

Jonathan Coachman suffered injuries to both of his eyes from a 2012 WWE-authorized incident in which he was slapped by Dolph Ziggler (then Dudleys Wrestling and now Ziggler and Hales Wrestling). John Laurinaitis, the father of the singer Kesha, was one of the highest-paid officials in all of wrestling, partly because of his Hulk Hogan-popularized actions as co-promoter of “Extreme Rules.” That put him in a tough position when Ziggler, a working with the Crimson Braves, a faction that fused the talents of a dozen wrestlers from numerous companies, joined with The Crimson on a series of offensive maneuvers that jeopardized the health of The Shield. Wrestling legend Shawn Michaels defended the tag team’s actions, saying that it was in order to “get Roman Reigns as close to firing as possible.” Two weeks later, a scene involving fellow wrestlers Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins also angered WWE management. Rollins threw a beer at his best friend’s leg, injuring him so badly that he received a subsequent shot. It’s not easy to get fired in pro wrestling. Not that it’s easy to get a bump like pay per view star AJ Styles, who attended one of the most prestigious universities in the world. He came to WWE from New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2012 to train with two other stars from Japan, including the former “King of Style” Hiroshi Tanahashi.

It was poorly written writing where Styles was “accidentally” shot that led to the WWE canceling one of their most popular, and often controversial, pay per view card events, Extreme Rules, because of how it turned out. He was also suspended from the WWE for four months because he was caught in a compromising situation with an underage fan and threatened her mother.

That was the low point for WWE in its effort to clean up its in-ring behavior. Fans love having two, three, or four guys they recognize and can identify in a match, and being in the ring and standing next to them affects the audience’s perception of the wrestlers. When they don’t “just say no,” the fans are happy to see them succeed in their actions.

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