Ontario man ticketed $100 for parking on private sidewalk – Quartz

In the neighborhood of east Toronto, there’s a reality that the architecture and buildings might be modern and sleek, but a certain design error quickly determines what is and what isn’t permitted in the street.

“Who’s taking this ‘no parking’ sign on the side of the street and sticking it in a parking spot?”

Stopping to try to figure out what might be an obviously legal parking spot, one driver barely averted a $100 ticket from a very friendly and knowledgeable parking attendant.

Last weekend, a driver who ran into a parking spot painted on the street and saw a sign prohibiting parking there, stopped to get a better picture and learned that the sign in question wasn’t actually legally posted there. A police officer had tried to warn the driver of what might be ahead when he pulled over to see if the sign was going to work for him, but the driver decided to leave his vehicle in the lot on the street. Here’s what happened next.

“They’re located somewhere between Dunmore Park and Knollwood,” the officer said. “They are areas restricted for residential use. The signs are clearly not allowed in the street.”

“Do you want to write a ticket or not?” the officer said.

He did. This will be his 12th ticket this year.

The parking attendant let the car in and wrote the driver a $100 ticket. The car was driven to the same location where the letter was taped to the curb. The driver was escorted to the car and no tickets were taken.

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